Skype.com付款跳转到tom.com的解决方法 prevent from being redirected to

今天准备设置一下skype number, 发现单买一年要60美元,但如果有一个subscription的话,就只需要30美元/年。于是回到帐户管理页面,准备购买一个打中国大陆电话的包月,结果每当我准备付款的时候,新的页面就会自动跳转到tom.com的skype页面。搜索,发现有这个问题的同学不少,最常见的方法是重新在skype.com的网站注册一个帐户,因为客服给出的理由永远都是该帐户是在tom.com注册的,即使论坛中很多人从不认识中文。

用英文搜索没有满意的结果之后,换用“skype 跳转 tom”继续搜索,然后就找到了这个网页 ;里面提到购买欧州套餐时跳转的情况,提供了一个解决方案,援引如下:


2、如果不想换账户,也可以浏览器上打开以下网址,  然后刷新一下页面,就可以直接购买欧洲套餐了。







6,由于不能确定是Skype美国还是Skype日本扣费,我使用的Chase的Sapphire Preferred,没有Foreign Transaction Fee,现在定的套餐5.99美元和skype number 30美元都已经Pending到我的信用卡上,扣费方为“SKYPE COMMUNICATIO”,猜想应该是Skype美国扣款。


Today I planned to give myself a Skype number. It was priced at 60 dollars/year, while the price would be reduced to 30 dollars/year (50% off ) as long as the account had an active subscription.  I would like to take this offer as I always have a few callings to China every month. The monthly plan sounds fine to me, but the payment process is painful. Every time I clicked “subscribe”, the webpage was redirected to, which is the partner of Skype in China.

Google showed me a few discussions on Skype community. This problem has been there for a long time and happens frequently. People with such a problem have always been advised to register a new account on , since their accounts, according to the customer service,  “were registered at”. I did not buy this explanation as a few people said that they don’t even know any Chinese characters.

No solutions found in English world. I google “skype 跳转 tom” instead. The blog ”” popped up in no time, which is about the similar “redirecting problem ” when the blogger purchased “Europe calling subscription”.  In summary, it has two solutions: one is to register a new account on; the other is what I adopted and followed and also a “better” solution;

1, Log on to my own account at ““;

2, Open a new window/tab in the same internet browser, go the website ““, which is in Japanese;

3, As there are also Chinese characters on the Japanese webpage, (or there are Chinese characters in Japanese language, or these two language are similar to each other in writing, or whatever.. etc ), I could guess the meaning of each Japanese word and mimic a transaction. The results are thrilling. The payment page was not redirected to, instead, it asked for credit card information, in Japanese though.

4, I left the window/tab in step 3 on the payment page untouched, went back to the English window/tab in step 1 and refreshed it. The English webpage became in Japanese. But I could manually replace “jp” by “en” in the url of the webpage and the  English account management view came back.

5, Followed the same steps in step 3, I went to payment page without being redirected. The credit card information was accepted and my account immediately had the subscription.

6, As I was not sure whether the charges come from Skype Japan or Skype US, I used my Chase Sapphire Preferred card which doesn’t carry foreign transaction fee. Now both the charges for the monthly subscription (5.99 dollars) and Skype number (30 dollars ) shows pending on my account from “SKYPE COMMUNICATIO”. I guess it may from Skype US.



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